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BeneVolent Keepers

Saving the world is a bloody, ruthless endeavor.

The Bridle demands absolute devotion from all citizens. The old, infirm, and unwilling are discarded, even if they possess coveted Salt abilities. Some agents are born into the empire, others harvested throughout the oblivious world, but all are trained to battle and infiltrate from childhood.

Though born in different worlds, Lucy and James are both eager to prove their worth to the Bridle.

As an outcast agent trainee, Lucy tries to hide the magical pink sparks spilling…

Benevolent Keepers

BeneVolent Keepers

Book One of the Deception Games

Seasons change.  Empires fall.
The Bridle watches over all.

My random thoughts…

Staircase vs. Superstrength

I was a teeny bit clumsy when I was younger. Not now, of course. I possess all the coordination of a ballerina. In fact, instead of the phrase ‘graceful as a swan,’ my family says ‘graceful as a Louise.’ [...]


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