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BeneVolent Keepers

Book One of The Deception Games

The Bridle has held the reins of humanity since the Iron Age. It protects civilization from directionless, ineffectual leaders and the Others lurking in the shadows. If the hidden empire were to lose its grip on world governments, everyone would be doomed. How could it be anything but an honor to dedicate one’s life in service to such noble saviors?

Some might call it kidnapping. James called it a rescue. Plucked from his miserable life in the clutches of salt-traders, he couldn’t feel more grateful to his sadistic benefactor and the empire she serves. What does it matter if he loses his soul to repay the Bridle’s kindness?  Read more…

Benevolent Keepers-book and kindle

BeneVolent Keepers

Book One of the Deception Games

Seasons change.  Empires fall.
The Bridle watches over all.

Available June 5, 2023!

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